DP 2600F

DP 2600F


– 2 input 6 output

– Maximum support 192kHz sampling rate. 40 bit DSP processor. 24-bit AD/DA convert

– Input processing includes 8PEQ, FIR phase EQ processing, Noise gate.Gain, Mute.
Phase, Delay, Compressor.Link.

– Output processing includes IIR and FIR Crossover filter, 9PEQ, Gain. Mute. Peak lirniter,

Phase, Delay, Link.
– Support digital input and output function. with AES/EBU input and output channel
IIR crossover filter type can be select Butterworth. Linkwitz- Riley, Bessel.

Slope is-6dB/oct –48dB/oct
– 20 user presets, each preset can be save and recall
– USB Control Port PC connection easy for user’s operations.